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The regular form : a002-2 is made up of a002-3 ( breathe into ), a002-4 ( heart ) and a002-5 ( gracious motion ), implying that what gives breath to the heart and inspires gracious motion is love - and idealistic love. The simplified form : a002-6 highlights the role of friendship: a002-7( hand a002-8 in hand a002-9 co-operation ) - a more realistic love. But whatever form love may take, none can excel the selfless and unselfish love based on the principle extolled in the proverb : "Those who love others will themselves be loved."





  爱国   a4i  guo2   patriotic  
  爱好   a4i  ha4o   interest, hobby  
  爱护   a4i  hu4   cherish, take good care of  
  爱怜   a4i  lia2n   show tender affection for  
  爱惜   a4i  xi1   treasure, cherish  

Love, affection

Peace, contentment




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